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Woman's COVID-19 Diagnosis Leads Her to Surprise Reunion with Long-Lost Sister After 50 Years

It may have taken 50 years and a pandemic, but a pair of sisters in Nebraska were finally reunited after one checked in as a patient to the others’ place of work as she recovered from coronavirus, according to local reports. Doris Crippen and Bev Boro share the same father — but Crippen was raised by her mother and stepfather, while Boro was in the foster care system and put up for adoption as a baby, the Washington Post reported. Mrs. Crippen was 20 years old when she last saw her sister, and Boro just 6 months old. Then, she suffered a nasty fall and also tested positive for coronavirus, aged 73 years old, soon recovered from COVID-19, but had to spend some time in a rehabilitation center. Finally, she met her long lost sister!

Photo Credit: Nick Fewings

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