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With Only Dozens Left, South Dakota Zoo Welcomes Litter of 'Critically Endangered' Red Wolf Pups

The Great Plains Zoo in Sioux Falls, South Dakota, has announced the birth of six critically endangered red wolf pups. The litter is vital to the survival of the species, as there are only an estimated 23 to 25 red wolves remaining in the wild and approximately 278 in captivity. The pups, two females and four males, were born to first-time parents Camelia and Uyosi, who arrived at the zoo in October of the previous year from facilities in Washington and Texas. Red wolves are currently the most endangered canid species globally, and the red wolves at the Great Plains Zoo are part of the Red Wolf Species Survival Plan, which focuses on breeding pairs with high genetic diversity to support the wild population. The zoo's veterinary and animal care teams are closely monitoring the pups' health and well-being, and they are being observed through cameras while receiving regular check-ups. The birth of these red wolf pups is significant for the conservation efforts of this critically endangered species.

Photo Credit: Jeremy Hynes

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