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Visitor Finds 3.29-Carat Diamond at Arkansas’ Crater of Diamonds State Park

David Anderson, a resident of Murfreesboro, Arkansas, found a 3.29-carat brown diamond while sifting gravel in the West Drain of the 37.5-acre diamond search area at the Crater of Diamonds State Park. Anderson, who is a regular park visitor, initially mistook the diamond for quartz before realizing that it was a diamond. This is the largest brown diamond found in the park since the Kinard Friendship Diamond, a 9.07-carat gem found on Labor Day 2020. Anderson has found more than 400 diamonds in the park over the past 16 years, and 15 of the diamonds he recovered have been more than one carat. The park averages two diamonds found by visitors each day, and so far, 124 diamonds have been found at the park in 2023.

Photo Credit: Milad Fakurian

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