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US Explorer Freed From One of Turkey's Deepest Caves

In a dramatic rescue operation, U.S. citizen Mark Dickey was safely extracted from Turkey's third-deepest cave, Morca Cave, after being trapped for over a week due to stomach issues. The rescue involved more than 150 people and was described as one of the most complex underground rescues ever conducted. Dickey, an experienced caver from New Jersey, began suffering from gastrointestinal bleeding while mapping a new passage in the cave. His condition improved after a blood transfusion, and he was carefully carried out through narrow rock tunnels, even requiring the use of explosives at the tightest points. The international caving community, including rescue workers from Croatia and Hungary, played a crucial role in the operation. Dickey's parents expressed "incredible joy" at their son's rescue, thanking the international caving community for their support.

Photo Credit: Bruno van der Kraan

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