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UPS Trucks Could Finally Get Air Conditioners

Sandy Springs-based United Parcel Service (UPS) is currently in the process of negotiating a union contract with approximately 350,000 unionized workers. If an agreement is not reached soon, there is a possibility of a strike during the summer. However, amidst the negotiations, both UPS and the International Brotherhood of Teamsters agree on the importance of safety in the summer heat. As a result, they have tentatively agreed to install air conditioning units in UPS trucks for the first time. The decision comes after a UPS driver, Colin Morgan, collapsed while working in extreme heat last summer. The agreement aims to address the working conditions faced by delivery drivers in high temperatures, with plans to equip newly purchased vehicles with air conditioning starting in 2024 and adding a forced-air induction system to existing vehicles. The negotiations and potential strike authorization vote are ongoing, with the results expected to be announced soon.

Photo Credit: Handy Wicaksono

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