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Researchers at UC Berkeley Teach a Squirrel to Ring a Bell For Food

A friendly squirrel has become a popular visitor to a UC Berkeley microbiology lab after learning to ring a bell for food. The researchers at the lab have trained the squirrel to pull a lever that rings a bell on the window ledge whenever he wants a treat. In return for his efforts, the squirrel is rewarded with almonds. The squirrel has become so proficient at ringing the bell that he now gets treats every time he does so. Despite the attention he is receiving, the researchers are careful not to overfeed the squirrel to avoid making him too reliant on them. The squirrel's newfound skill has captivated people online, with some even offering suggestions to improve the setup, such as lengthening the bell's string and providing the squirrel with a mug to stand on.

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Photo Credit: Andrey Svistunov

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