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Proposed Law Would Give $1,000 Tax Credit to Teachers

Colorado lawmakers have proposed a bill that would provide full-time licensed public school teachers with a $1,000 tax credit each year to offset the cost of classroom supplies they purchase out of their own pockets. The National Education Association reports that over 90% of teachers spend their own money on classroom supplies. Currently, the educator expense deduction in Colorado is $300, but it is estimated that educators will spend an average of $820 of their own money on school supplies. Teachers say that most of the money goes toward basic school supplies, such as pencils and notebooks, but they also spend their own money on enhancers to their curriculum, such as art supplies and cultural foods. The bill passed 7-4 in the House Education Committee vote in March, but all Republicans on the committee voted against it, arguing that it should apply to unlicensed teachers as well. The bill now moves to the House Finance Committee to determine if it is financially workable.

Photo Credit: Kenny Eliason

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