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Professional Cake Decorator Helps a Couple DIY their Dream Wedding Cake

When the coronavirus pandemic forced Erin and Ben Cohen to change their wedding plans, the New York couple thought their wedding cake dreams were over. Erin and Ben got engaged on February 29 and were planning a perfect, big summer wedding. Being from Florida, Erin had always dreamed of having a Publix cake for her reception. "Every celebration had a Publix cake," Erin said. "When Ben and I started dating I brought him to Florida and our first stop was to Publix." "We heard about Erin's dream of having a Publix cake at her wedding and we wanted to help make it happen, so we reached out to see if they'd be interested in doing a wedding cake decorating session over a video call," Brittany Lavallee, a professional decorator at Publix, said. #WOW

Photo Credit: Thomas William

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