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Postal Worker Brings Dog to Vet After Snake Bite, Lets Family Know on Doorbell Camera

A postal worker named Holle Keene Prigmore became a hero when she saved a beagle named Ginger from a venomous snake bite. While delivering mail to the home of Kelsey and Aaron Proctor in Georgia, Prigmore found Ginger in distress after being bitten by a copperhead snake. With the Proctors not at home, Prigmore took the initiative to rush Ginger to the vet and left a message for the owners via their doorbell camera and a note on her phone. The Proctors expressed their immense gratitude on Facebook, crediting Prigmore for saving Ginger's life. The story quickly gained traction in the community, with many praising Prigmore's quick thinking and compassion. Ginger is now recovering, though she still experiences pain and swelling from the bite. Copperhead snake bites can be particularly harmful to dogs, making Prigmore's timely intervention crucial for Ginger's survival.

Photo Credit: Joe Caione

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