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Oprah and Dwayne Johnson Give $10 Million to Help Maui Wildfire Victims

Oprah Winfrey and Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson have donated $10 million to establish the People’s Fund of Maui, aimed at providing direct cash assistance to Maui residents affected by recent catastrophic wildfires. The fund offers $1,200 monthly payments to adults whose homes were destroyed or rendered uninhabitable, benefiting both homeowners and renters. The initiative comes as a response to the urgent need for aid, beyond what federal and local agencies have been able to provide. The fund was created in collaboration with community leaders and aims to empower individuals to make decisions based on their needs. It is part of a broader effort to assist those impacted by the wildfires, which have exacerbated existing housing shortages and economic disparities on the island.

Photo Credit: Kelly Sikkema

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