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Left Without a Director, These Students Chose to Direct Their Own Marching Band

In Pocahontas County High School, the departure of the band director left the school's band in a precarious position. Faced with the option to disband or persevere, ten dedicated students, led by Hailey Fitzgerald, chose to keep the music alive. Despite the majority of the band members being drummers, they adapted, with some learning new instruments to ensure a diverse sound. With the support of faculty advisors Casey Griffith and Jennifer Nail-Cook, the band established their own set of rules and prepared for their performances. Their resilience was evident during their first public performance at a football game, where they were met with unexpected support from their peers. As they navigate the challenges of self-direction, the band remains committed to their passion for music, embodying the spirit of unity and determination.

Photo Credit: Rocco Dipoppa

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