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Just in Time for Halloween, NASA’s Juno Mission Spots Eerie “Face” on Jupiter

On its 54th close flyby of Jupiter on September 7, 2023, NASA's Juno mission captured a remarkable view of the Jet N7 region in the planet's far northern realms, showcasing turbulent clouds and storms along the terminator, the boundary between the day and night sides. The sunlight at a low angle elucidates the intricate topography of the atmospheric features, aiding scientists in understanding Jupiter's atmospheric dynamics. The image, prone to pareidolia, entices viewers to discern faces or patterns within Jupiter's clouds. Citizen scientist Vladimir Tarasov processed this image from raw JunoCam data, captured when Juno was about 4,800 miles above the cloud tops, at a latitude of approximately 69 degrees north. The JunoCam's raw images are publicly accessible for viewing and processing, promoting citizen science initiatives. For further insights on Juno and its scientific discoveries, enthusiasts can explore the provided NASA and mission Juno web links.

Photo Credit: SIMON LEE

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