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Humpback Whale Freed After Gruelling Eight-Hour Rescue Mission in Australia

A humpback whale that was trapped in waters south of Sydney has been successfully rescued after an intense eight-hour operation. The rescue mission began after reports of a distressed whale near Five Islands off Port Kembla. Volunteer crews from Marine Rescue NSW and NSW National Parks and Wildlife Service were called in to assist. The whale was entangled in lines and floats, posing a challenge to the rescuers. Despite deteriorating weather conditions and the presence of other whales in the area, the team managed to free the whale by untangling it around 4.30 pm. The successful rescue operation brought relief to the rescuers, and the whale is now swimming on its own. Humpback whale migration typically occurs between May and August, with peak activity in June and July.

Photo Credit: Gabriel Dizzi

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