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Greens to Streams: Nature's Comeback on Former Golf Course

Imagine a world where abandoned golf greens transform into thriving havens for wildlife, where communities come together to embrace the splendor of nature right in their backyards. This is the heartwarming reality unfolding across the United States, as conservationists and nature enthusiasts turn old golf courses into bustling ecosystems. The Trust for Public Land is leading a joyful revolution, creating spaces where rivers flow freely, native plants flourish, and endangered species find sanctuary. In California, San Geronimo breathes new life as a community commons, Ocean Meadows welcomes flocks of migratory birds, and Rancho Cañada promises a future where nature and neighborhoods flourish side by side. This initiative is more than just a transformation; it's a celebration of nature's resilience and a testament to community spirit, proving that when we give land back to nature, wonderful things happen.

Photo Credit: Mick De Paola

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