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German Shepherd Wounded in Ukraine Gets New Start as Hungarian Police Dog

In the aftermath of a rocket attack in eastern Ukraine, Rambo, a 3-year-old German shepherd who had been serving alongside Ukrainian soldiers, suffered severe injuries to his face. The right side of his head was mangled and bloody from shrapnel, leaving his survival uncertain. Thanks to emergency surgery, Rambo pulled through and is now training with the Budapest police department in Hungary. Lt. Col. Maria Stein of the Budapest Metropolitan Police explained that Rambo is being trained to interact with various groups, including children, older adults, and disabled individuals, to promote tolerance and respect for differences. The department aims to use Rambo's presence to sensitize children and show them that despite his injuries and differences, he is capable of performing the same tasks as other dogs. Rambo's journey to becoming a police service dog was challenging, involving multiple surgeries and rehabilitation efforts, but he now serves as a powerful reminder of the resilience and potential of both dogs and people with disabilities.

Photo Credit: Jamie Street

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