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Finland's Average Electricity Price Slips into Negative Territory

In a historic development, the price of electricity in Finland fell into negative territory, with expectations of staying negative throughout the day before rising in the evening. This unusual occurrence is attributed to an oversupply of electricity, as high production coincides with low consumption. The abundance of meltwater from snowmelt has limited the adjustability of hydroelectricity, which is typically used to balance low demand. The operation of nuclear power reactors, the addition of wind and solar power to the grid, and the challenge of regulating hydroelectricity during spring floods have created a situation where electricity production cannot easily be adjusted. While the subzero prices pose difficulties for electricity producers, consumers can benefit from highly affordable prices. This surplus of affordable and nearly emission-free electricity signifies Finland's progress towards self-sufficiency and offers opportunities for green investments and a successful transition to renewable energy.

Photo Credit: Federico Beccari

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