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Couple Celebrates 75th Wedding Anniversary: 'We Were Just Meant to be Together'

Gene and Virginia Nelson, a heartwarming couple from Canby, recently celebrated their 75th wedding anniversary. Their enduring love story began when they eloped from Brownsville, Oregon, and took a bus to Reno to get married, much to the surprise of their parents. Virginia was just 17, and Gene was 20 at the time. Gene, known for his precise memory of dates, recalls their exact ages when they tied the knot. Their family, including three children, seven grandchildren, and nine great-grandchildren, admire the couple's unwavering commitment and playful banter. Their daughter, Judy, praises their resilience, noting that they've faced challenges but never gave up. The couple's old refrigerator, which they bought right after their wedding and still works, symbolizes the longevity and strength of their relationship. Both Gene and Virginia emphasize patience, trust, and humor as the pillars of their lasting marriage. As they reflect on their journey, Gene hopes that Virginia outlives him, a testament to their deep bond. Their love story serves as an inspiration, proving that true love can stand the test of time.

Photo Credit: Tyler Nix

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