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Chinese Scientists Develop Technology to Create 3D Ceramic Printing Without Support

Scientists at Jiangnan University in China have developed a groundbreaking 3D printing technique for ceramics that allows for printing in the air without the need for support structures. Traditionally, ceramics required additional supports during the 3D printing process to prevent collapse, which impacted efficiency and raised challenges in support removal. However, the research team, led by Professor Liu Ren, has created a new printing paste and improved curing technique that enables quick solidification of the material. This advancement not only enhances the efficiency of ceramic 3D printing but also eliminates the need for support structures. Using this method, the team successfully printed ceramic structures such as cantilevers and torsion springs, showcasing the potential for creating previously impossible shapes in ceramic 3D printing. The technique holds promise for various industries, including electronics, mechanical engineering, and aerospace, where ceramics are valued for their strength, resistance to wear, and high-temperature endurance.

Photo Credit: Google DeepMind

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