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China is Using AI to Raise the Dead, and Give People one Last Chance to say Goodbye

Chinese software engineer Yu Jialin embarked on a journey to recreate his deceased grandfather using artificial intelligence (AI) after discovering the concept of lip-syncing technology. By feeding his AI model with old letters, photos, videos, and text messages, Yu was able to train it to mimic his grandfather's appearance, speech, and thinking patterns. This story is part of a larger trend in China, where people are using AI to build chat programs called "griefbots" that replicate the personalities and memories of the deceased, offering individuals an opportunity to reconnect with their loved ones who have passed away. The advancements in generative AI have made it possible for laymen to create highly realistic simulations with minimal data, highlighting the power and accessibility of this technology. However, these developments also raise significant ethical and emotional questions about the implications of resurrecting the dead through artificial means.

Photo Credit: BoliviaInteligente

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