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Boy Finds 200-Million-Year-Old Ammonite on Beach

A nine-year-old boy named Eli was fossil hunting with his family on Llantwit Major beach in Vale of Glamorgan when he stumbled upon a 200-million-year-old ammonite. The preserved mollusk was about 1ft (0.3m) in size and of high quality, making it an unusual find for the area. Eli has a collection of smaller fossils at home, and he and his father Glenn Morris often go fossil hunting, usually closer to their home in Birchgrove, Swansea. The rocks on Llantwit Major's beach and cliffs are from the Jurassic period and are approximately 200 million years old. Eli's fossil, an ammonite, is believed to be 134 million years older than the 66 million he and his dad initially estimated. Despite his love for prehistoric preservations, Eli wants to be a footballer when he grows up.

Photo Credit: Camille Minouflet

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