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Bhutan's Milestone: Achieving 100% Dog Sterilization and Vaccination

Bhutan has set a global precedent by becoming the first country to achieve 100% sterilization and vaccination of its stray dog population. The milestone, reached through the National Dog Population Management and Rabies Control Project, was announced at a formal ceremony in Thimphu by Prime Minister Dr. Lotay Tshering. This landmark success culminated from a partnership that began in 2009 between the Bhutanese government and Humane Society International (HSI). The initiative has had a far-reaching impact, sterilizing and vaccinating over 150,000 street dogs and micro-chipping 32,000 pet dogs. This humane approach to dog population management is a significant shift from the inhumane culling practices often seen in Asia, where street dog numbers can escalate rapidly, contributing to the spread of rabies and other diseases. Bhutan’s program not only enhances animal welfare but also promotes public health and safety, earning recognition for its compassionate and systematic methodology. The nation's effort is a clarion call to other countries facing similar challenges, showcasing how determination and compassion can foster a peaceful coexistence between people and animals.

Photo Credit: AI

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