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Ancient Norwegian Gold Jewellery Found by Man Who Bought Metal Detector to ‘Get Off the Couch’

In a remarkable turn of events, Erlend Bore, a 51-year-old Norwegian man who took up metal detecting as a new hobby, stumbled upon what experts are calling the "gold find of a century." Initially mistaking his find for chocolate money, Bore discovered an array of ancient jewelry, including nine pendants, three rings, and 10 gold pearls dating back to around 500 AD. The treasure was found on the southern island of Rennesoey, near the city of Stavanger, and weighs just over 100 grams. Ole Madsen, director of the Archaeological Museum at the University of Stavanger, described the find as "extremely unusual," noting that such a discovery has not been made in Norway since the 19th century. Under Norwegian law, the artifacts are considered state property and will be exhibited at the Archaeological Museum in Stavanger.

Photo Credit: Zlaťá

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