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Africa's White Rhino Population Rebounds for 1st Time in a Decade, New Figures Show

African rhino populations are witnessing a positive resurgence, according to the latest data from the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN). The report reveals that black rhino numbers have grown by 4.2% to 6,487, while white rhinos, listed as 'near threatened', have seen a 5.6% increase to 16,803, marking the first rise since 2012. Dr. Michael Knight of the IUCN's Rhino Specialist Group expressed relief at this development, emphasizing the importance of sustained conservation efforts. The growth is attributed to intensified protection and management strategies. Nina Fascione of the International Rhino Foundation highlighted that this progress reflects the resilience of rhinos and the success of collaborative conservation initiatives across Africa. However, challenges like poaching and climate change still pose significant threats. Notably, the African Parks Foundation plans to release 2,000 rhinos into the wild over the next decade, marking one of Africa's largest rewilding programs.

Photo Credit: Keith Markilie

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