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74-Year-Old Musician Otis Taylor Gets Denver High School Diploma Decades After Being Expelled

Otis Taylor, a musician who was expelled from Manual High School in Denver over 50 years ago due to his hairstyle, has finally received his long-overdue diploma. In the 1960s, Taylor was given an ultimatum to cut his hair or leave the school. He chose to leave in pursuit of his music career. Despite the setback, Taylor went on to have a successful career as a blues musician, with numerous albums and awards to his name. This week, Denver Public Schools decided to rectify the past by presenting Taylor, now 74 years old, with an honorary diploma during a ceremony. Reflecting on his journey, Taylor remains positive, acknowledging the past wrongs but focusing on the good things life has brought him. He continues to perform and share his music with audiences in Denver.

Photo Credit: Geo Chierchia

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