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Super Bowl LVII merchandise of losing team will still serve a big purpose

Good360 is a Virginia-based organization that partners with the NFL for the ninth consecutive year to ensure that the losing team's merchandise from Super Bowl LVII doesn't go to waste. Good360 takes thousands of unused apparel items from past Super Bowls, AFC and NFC championship games, and donates them to communities in need around the world, such as Africa, Asia, Eastern Europe, and the Middle East. The NFL is heavily involved in the process and picks the nonprofits that are vetted by Good360’s compliance team. The process of gathering the merchandise and shipping it to the nonprofits can take anywhere between 10-14 days. Good360's compliance team works to ensure that these materials are not distributed to North America, South America, or Central America and instead go to extremely poverty-stricken areas of the world.

Photo Credit: Adrian Curiel

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