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Sam Kaplan, 72, Graduates From a Georgia College With His 99-Year-Old Mom Cheering Him on

Sam Kaplan, at the age of 72, achieved a significant milestone by earning a bachelor's degree in Cinema and Media Arts from Georgia Gwinnett College in Lawrenceville, Georgia. This accomplishment made him the first in his family of seven siblings to obtain such a degree. His 99-year-old mother, who last saw him in an academic setting in 1969 during his high school graduation, was present to witness this proud moment. Over the years, Kaplan ventured into various careers, from running a cleaning service and telemarketing company to driving taxis and working in customer service. The decision to return to school came when he was 68, inspired by a radio announcement about a degree involving script writing. Despite the challenges of re-entering the academic world after decades, Kaplan's determination and approach of connecting with younger classmates made his journey memorable. His professors and peers at the college celebrated his achievement, highlighting the impact he had on the community.

Photo Credit: Joshua Hoehne

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