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Off-Duty Phoenix Area Nurse Hailed as a Hero for Lifesaving Act

On July 26, 2023, after a stressful night shift at Valleywise Health, nurse Leigh Ann Sondrup was driving home when she witnessed a cement truck overturn on State Route 143 near Sky Harbor, entrapping a man inside. Despite her fatigue from working four consecutive nights, Sondrup didn't hesitate to rush to the aid of the trapped individual. With traffic momentarily clear, she accessed the accident scene, crawled under the truck, and ingeniously used a bystander's belt as a tourniquet to halt the bleeding, significantly contributing to saving the man's life. Reflecting on the series of events that positioned her at that particular place and time, Sondrup attributed it to "Divine intervention." The Phoenix Fire Department recognized her heroism months later on October 18. Expressing a strong belief in purpose and divine guidance, Sondrup cherished the heartfelt gratitude from the man she assisted, who recently reached out to thank her. Through her swift and decisive actions, Sondrup not only exemplified the noblest virtues of her profession but also fostered a hopeful narrative of recovery and gratitude for the survivor.

Photo Credit: Umberto

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