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Nepali Sherpa Saves Malaysian Climber in Rare Everest 'Death Zone' Rescue

A Malaysian climber was saved in a remarkable high-altitude rescue on Mount Everest by a Nepali sherpa guide, according to a government official. Gelje Sherpa, the guide, spotted the Malaysian climber in distress in the "death zone" near the summit, suffering from extreme cold and clinging to a rope. Gelje successfully brought the climber 600 meters (1,900 feet) down to safety over the course of about six hours, with the help of another guide. The rescue operation at such a high altitude is considered very rare and challenging. The Malaysian climber was then airlifted from Camp III to base camp by helicopter. This rescue came during a climbing season on Everest that has seen a high number of fatalities and missing climbers.

Photo Credit: Egor Myznik

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