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'Make people smile': Macon boutique owner hosts Facebook Live fashion shows

Six years ago, Virginia Sharp made her dream a reality. "As a little girl, I always wanted to own my own little boutique. I love fashion, I've always thought high heels were the best thing ever," she says. "I just came to this little spot one day, I sat outside in my car, and I prayed. I asked God to show me a sign if this was a business for me," says Sharp. Daemarii's Unique Boutique sits along Ingleside Avenue, and Sharp says business has grown thanks to loyal customers. This year, COVID-19 unexpectedly closed the doors. "My bills still had to be paid, so I had to figure out a way to let the customers know, I know it was downtime for everyone, and everybody was scared, didn't know what to do and how to do it," she says. So over a month ago, she started something new. Facebook Live fashion shows, with specific themes.

Photo Credit: Alexander Krivitskiy

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