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Experimental Pill Sees Cancer Vanish in 18 Patients

The new experimental pill called revumenib has shown promising results in eliminating cancer in a third of the terminal leukaemia patients who were not responding to treatment. The drug inhibits a specific protein called menin, which is involved in the complex machinery that gets hijacked by leukaemia cells and causes normal blood cells to turn into cancerous ones. By using revumenib, the protein is turned off, and leukaemia cells are turned back into normal cells, resulting in remission. The clinical trial saw 53% of patients responding to the drug, and 30% had a complete remission with no cancer detectable in their blood. The US Food and Drug Administration has granted revumenib "breakthrough therapy designation" to help fast-track its development and regulatory review based on the data from this trial.

Photo Credit: Susan G. Komen 3-Day

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