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EU Declares No Longer Dependent on Russian Energy

The European Union has declared that it has successfully achieved its goal of reducing dependence on Russian energy sources through its plan to decrease gas consumption. The EU has ceased importing Russian coal, and the volume of Russian oil imports has significantly diminished since the outbreak of the full-scale war in Ukraine. Furthermore, Russian gas is rapidly disappearing from the European market. The EU's plan to reduce gas consumption by 15% for all member states, implemented in August of the previous year to address the gas crisis stemming from the conflict with Russia, has been effective. The European Commission has now recommended that EU countries voluntarily continue reducing gas consumption by 15% in the future. Additionally, the Commission has advised all EU governments to end support measures for energy prices by the end of this year in order to maintain fiscal stability and align with proposed new fiscal rules in 2024.

Photo Credit: Sara Kurfeß

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