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Community Celebrates San Jose man's 100th Birthday with Dog Parade

Dr. Robert Moore, a San Jose resident, celebrated his 100th birthday in a unique and heartwarming way. His family took to the Nextdoor app to invite people to dress up their dogs and join a parade in front of their house to mark the milestone. The response was overwhelming, with around 200 dogs and their owners showing up, far surpassing expectations. The line of participants stretched around the block and down the street, showcasing dogs in various costumes and setups. As a passionate dog lover, Dr. Moore was overjoyed by the presence of each dog and took the time to personally interact with them and their owners. The community's gesture extended beyond the canine attendees, with people bringing flowers, cupcakes, drawings, and posters to celebrate this special occasion. The Moore family expressed their gratitude for the community's support and the memorable celebration of their father's 100th birthday.

Photo Credit: Winegeart

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