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Animal Shelter's Doorbell Rings At 1:30 AM — And Staff See A Familiar Face

Bailey, a dog who was adopted from the Animal Rescue League of El Paso, went missing after a moment of confusion while testing a new harness. The owner couldn't keep up with her. Reports of Bailey sightings began to come in, each closer to the shelter where she used to live. At around 1:30 AM, the shelter's doorbell rang and the staff saw Bailey waiting outside the shelter. The staff let her in and Bailey was welcomed back with open arms. Bailey had made a 10-mile journey to return to the shelter, which must have felt like home to her. Despite her love for her new dad, the experience has made it clear that Bailey still holds a special place in her heart for the people at the shelter who brought her and her dad together.

Photo Credit: Bill Stephan

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