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A Couple Got Married at the US-Canada Border so Guests From Both Countries Could Attend

A Canadian couple got married on the US-Canada border so family and friends from both countries could attend despite travel restrictions due to the coronavirus pandemic. Lindsay Clowes and Alex Leckie, both 29, exchanged vows on October 10 on a pier along the St. Croix River in New Brunswick surrounded by loved ones. But guests at St. Stephen Wharf weren't the only ones to witness the couple's nuptials. Across the river in Calais, Maine, stood aunts, uncles, cousins and friends who also watched them tie the knot. In the middle of the river separating the two countries floated a boat where the Clowes' grandparents witnessed the special day from a safe distance! 💘💘💘

Photo Credit: Hermes Rivera

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