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12-Year-Old Saves Drowning Man, Credits CPR Learned From 'Stranger Things'

A 12-year-old Florida boy, Austen MacMillan, became a real-life hero when he saved his behavioral therapist, Jason Piquette, from drowning in a pool. The quick-thinking youngster learned CPR from watching the popular TV series "Stranger Things." Austen and Piquette were swimming when Piquette tried to hold his breath underwater for an extended period and passed out. Surveillance footage shows Austen recognizing the danger, pulling Piquette to the shallow end, and rushing to call for help. He then performed CPR until Piquette regained consciousness. Both families hope the incident underscores the importance of knowing CPR and teaching children how to dial 911, even on locked cellphones. Austen's mother, Christina MacMillan, expressed immense pride in her son's bravery and courage.

Photo Credit: Jay Solomon

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